Baron samedi

The Baron Saturday Video Slot Game

In the Orient, the Baron Saturday is known as Bawon Samedi and Baron Samdi. The name refers to the loa of the dead and is syncretized with Saint Martin de Porres. The name means “Lord of the Dead” in the local dialect. It is a popular loa, and many pagans venerate it, especially the Celts. If you’re wondering what he is all about, read on.

The Baron Samedi slot game has different characters on its reels. One set of characters is Baron Samedi himself, which stands for the main character. Standard paying icons award varying payouts based on the icons, and the number of times they appear. If you match five of the same icons, you’ll win a maximum of 120 coins. You’ll get a minimum of fifteen coins for matching three symbols. A second set of characters is a skull. This time, these are represented by gems and spells.

The Baron Samedi is a mischievous spirit, who enjoys drinking and smoking. The spirit is also morbid, and he will lay down in the ground after consuming all the alcohol. It expects ritualists to perform funeral ceremonies for the dead, and it’s best to avoid him if possible. Still, Baron Samedi is generally a happy spirit. It usually stays at a party for one more drink.