Easter island

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a unique volcanic island in Polynesia. The native name for Easter Island is Rapa Nui. The remote, uninhabited Polynesia island is famous for its archaeological sites and nearly 900 monumental statues known as moai. The carved human figures are oversize heads, and many rest on massive stone pedestals, or ahus. The largest and most prominent moai stands on Ahu Tongariki.

In the 1860s, Chile annexed Easter Island. The Treaty of Annexation was signed by Policarpo Toro, a Spanish explorer. The treaty recognized Atamu Tekena as King, but some Rapa Nui continue to question its validity. In addition to buying the sheep ranch, Chile also claimed sovereignty over Easter Island. As of 2010, the rongorongo language is the only Polynesian script still in use in the world, though its writing is not considered to be fully functional.

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