Joe exotic

Joe Exotic is an online casino game that is currently causing a stir amongst die hard gamers across the world. Joe Exotic is a high tech flash casino game that has been designed by none other than arcade game creator, ex-MTV Rapper, Joe Exotic. Now ex-MTV Rapper Joe Exotic has teamed up with online casino game developer, Wilson Software to create a highly addictive multi-player online casino game. Joe Exotic is a former convicted felon, known media personality, business person, and convicted felon is the core theme of Joe Exotic, a new multi-player flash casino game.

The player is required to interact with the many animals that exist in Exotic’s jungle environment, by clicking on each one of their pictures that will allow you to gain access to their description, health, and cash bonus. In order to earn cash, you must also collect fruit which are often given as a reward after a player has collected a certain number of them. Unlike conventional slots where a player needs to simply push a button in order to activate a spin, in this game the spin is triggered by clicking on an animal in the environment that is of interest to you. Once a hit is made, the spinning sequence is started and in some cases up to four different animals can be spun at one time.

This high tech flash game offers a simple concept, which is why many experts have labeled it as one of the best online slot games available today. Unlike most other online slot games, this one allows you to play it right from your computer or laptop. This game offers a great deal of diversity, which is attributed mainly to its multi-character theme. If you thought that playing a slot game is just about hitting the right colored reels, then you have another thing coming. This multi-faceted game will also offer you the opportunity to interact with a wide range of animals, and in some cases a special message screen will pop up on your screen prompting you to choose which animal to befriend.