Riddle of the sphinx

The Riddle Of The Sphinx is an exciting casino game, which takes place in ancient Egypt. The Sphinx represents the jackpot progressive slot machine – if you win, you become the king of the land. The Sphinx appears on all the reels at the same time making it very difficult for your opponents. However, if you successfully land the dynasty, you will turn all the other symbols wild on the corresponding reels. This will result in you becoming the new ruler of Egypt!

To receive the highest possible payout and therefore receive the largest jackpot, you need to plan the route of all the symbols on the playing field correctly. The best riddle in this slot machine is often the riddle which requires the least number of line plays. In order to maximize your winnings, always play the reels that offer you the biggest payoff and often wait until you see the “low ball” – the last symbol to appear before the big jackpot prize. The best time to play The Riddle Of The Sphinx is in the early hours of the morning when everyone else in the casino is asleep. At that time, the Sphinx bonus feature will be active and you will have the biggest chance of winning the largest prize.

If you notice, the Sphinx icon sometimes appears below a number of standard icons on the reels. When you see these symbols, it means the Sphinx will be paying out a large prize on that reel! Payouts will vary based on the number of symbols on that particular reel. In addition to the regular blue, red, and black icons, the Sphinx sometimes appears with two large vertical lines instead of one – this indicates that there are more symbols on that reel and that a payout will be greater.